Settlement with the Hopi Tribal Council

Posponed Indefinitely

On Tuesday, I made a motion to postpone the Hopi-City of Flagstaff settlement indefinitely. That motion passed and the item is dead unless somebody brings it up as a new agenda item. I have never been comfortable with the terms of this settlement language and while a majority of the Council drove the negotiations between the Hopi Tribal Council and the City of Flagstaff, I was not a part of that majority. Just before the Tuesday Council meeting we received a very unfriendly, factually inaccurate letter from Arizona Snowbowl that we briefly discussed at the executive session, but that discussion had no impact on my motion. The settlement as crafted and presented to the City Council for approval, in my opinion and opinions of many community members who have talked to me about it, does not address the environmental, cultural, and health issues associated with snowmaking using reclaimed water. The cost to taxpayers would be unjustifiable. We should seek a different solution to address what is an incredibly disadvantageous contract between the City and Arizona Snowbowl and that has cost Flagstaff taxpayers to date over $800,000 in legal fees. I want us to do what is right and respectful for the Native American community and at the same time address public health and environmental concerns many have been rising in association with the use of reclaimed water.