Native Americans as True Partners

On October 20, the Council will be considering my future agenda request that is motivated by the desire to finally recognize our Native American friends and neighbors as true partners whose voice is reflected in our decisions. To treat the Native American Community with respect means that we go beyond recognizing their rich cultural heritage only as a contributor to the local economy.

My request for the future agenda item has three components. They are not individual requests but rather steps I want the Council to discuss and seek consultation on from the Native American community:

  1. Update on the status of the implementation of general provisions of the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission and City of Flagstaff MOU and create a plan forward addressing items in the MOU with a specific timeline.
  2. Provide public hearing opportunities for engagement with our Native American community to identify proposals the City can implement to make a meaningful, positive impact in the lives of our Native American friends and neighbors.
  3. After accomplishing #1 and #2 and after adopting an implementation plan for initiatives identified through public engagement with our Native American residents, move forward to declare Indigenous People’s Day to be the second Monday in October of every year. In the same declaration, call upon those that still recognize this day as Columbus Day, including the Federal Government and the financial sector, to replace it with Indigenous People’s Day.