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Remembering Frankie Madrid

Cruelty of the U.S. Immigration Law

On October 3, 2017, I woke up to a message sent to me late the night before that Frankie Madrid took his life. I felt incredibly upset because his death could have been prevented. The cruel immigration law of this country is what really took his life. I can’t imagine being sent to an exile to a foreign country I have no connections to without the ability to see my family ever again. The cruelty of his situation is incomprehensible to most …

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Why I’m Going to Philadelphia

Being a Delegate to DNC

I wore an A-shaped sky blue skirt and a lighter blue top—both garments expertly made by my mother who, when not teaching physics or chemistry at a local high school, moonlighted as my personal seamstress. A red pair of shoes with white socks and a string of red beads around my neck completed in my 8-year old mind a perfectly coordinated outfit. As every morning, my mother braided my long hair into a ponytail and I was sent off to school …

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Settlement with the Hopi Tribal Council

Posponed Indefinitely

On Tuesday, I made a motion to postpone the Hopi-City of Flagstaff settlement indefinitely. That motion passed and the item is dead unless somebody brings it up as a new agenda item. I have never been comfortable with the terms of this settlement language and while a majority of the Council drove the negotiations between the Hopi Tribal Council and the City of Flagstaff, I was not a part of that majority. Just before the Tuesday Council meeting we received a very unfriendly, factually …

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Native Americans as True Partners

On October 20, the Council will be considering my future agenda request that is motivated by the desire to finally recognize our Native American friends and neighbors as true partners whose voice is reflected in our decisions. To treat the Native American Community with respect means that we go beyond recognizing their rich cultural heritage only as a contributor to the local economy.

My request for the future agenda item has three components. They are not individual requests but rather steps I want the Council to …

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Silencing Minority

Over time and across issues political power shifts. Those who enjoy being a part of majority today may find themselves in a minority position tomorrow. But what allows democracy to thrive even when we are not all on the same page is that a minority has the opportunity to have its voice heard.

By introducing a change to the rule of how many councilmembers it takes to advance an item onto the Council agenda, Councilmember Oravits wants to silence the minority voice. Changing the current rule …

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Proposed Amendments to the City Charter — Mail-only election — November 3, 2015

In the interest of democracy, transparency, and balance of power vote YES on #3 (and related #5) and NO on the rest.

Three questions (#1, #2, and #7) would strengthen the political influence of City Manager, reduce transparency and accountability, and tip the delicate power balance away from the people of Flagstaff who elect the City Council. Vote NO on #1, #2, and #7. Here are examples of consequences if these questions were to pass:

City manager could call special meetings without any consultation even though he …

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